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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Accountancy or equivalent.
  • Brevet A and B
  • Can speak or write in English fluently (even better if fluent in foreign languages ??other than English).
  • At least 2 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Required Skill(s): Microsoft Office.
  • Preferably Staff (non-management & non-supervisor) specialized in Logistics/Supply Chain and Accounting.

Tanggal ditayangkan: 10 March 2020, ditutup tanggal 09 April 2020

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Informasi Lowongan

Bidang pekerjaan
accounting staff

Panorama Building 6th Floor, Jl. Tomang Raya No. 63 Jakarta Barat

Min 2 tahun (Pegawai (non-manajemen & non-supervisor))

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Tentang Perusahaan

PT. Ozora Manunggal Freightindo

We are optimized that throughout our experiences in Freight Forwarding industry over 20 years since 1989 will push Ozora Manunggal Freightindo to be a global leader in providing Freight Forwarding and Logistics services that designed to meet the expanding needs of the clients’ changing markets and helping to facilitate world trade.
We are made up of experienced transportation experts who passes an entrepreneurial spirit. By allowing people the latitude to be creative, we are working to develop a flexible and  comprehensive transportation package to meet all of the clients’ specific needs and will be a proactive player in the evolving world of International Transportation and Logistics.
We should always move ahead of the competition, constantly strive for excellence and go beyond the clients’ expectations. We are committed to establishing the highest quality standards of specialized service by providing diverse logistics applications with an overriding attention to service, reliability, cost efficiency and modern electronic communication in the Freight Forwarding and Logistics industry.
While continuing to seek service enhancements and wider market penetration, our focus is on developing and managing specialized services to meet the clients’ more complex distribution and logistics requirements.



Ukuran Perusahaan

Tidak spesifik

Proses Lamaran

11 hari

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