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HR Organization Development Specialist


Deskripsi Pekerjaan

Job Description
  1. Provide job analysis and job evaluation for every position to ensure the availability of appropriate job description and position grading.
  2. Plan, conduct and analyze workload analysis regularly to maintain manpower planning.
  3. Gather, compile, update and analyze all data and trends related to HR practices.
  4. Provide and develop annual performance appraisal system for all employees to ensure effective performance review system.
  5. Conduct research and benchmark activities on Human Resources practices and provide suggestion for improvement based in research and benchmark result in order to help improve company’s HR practices.
  6. Build competency model, competency dictionary for all position regard to position description. Mapping each competency of employee. Identify training needs of employee based on Competency.
  7. Monitoring Key Performance Indicator every Department to track Company’s progress in achieving goals.
  8. Review Organization Chart proposed by user and give recommendation to ensure organization chart effectiveness.
  9. Prepare Monthly Report for BRM, KPI Report, Announcement of New Hire and Promotion.
  1. Bachelor’s degreeany field of study
  2. 2 years in HR organizational development, Talaent Management preferred
  3. Sound knowledge of Training Needs Analysis, performance management, job evaluation, position description, and competence level.
  4. Having capability to teach and a wealth desire to share knowledge to others
  5. Having good capability to design and implement performance management
  6. Having good capability to develop position description and job evaluation
  7. Having good capability to design and implement competence level
  8. Good presentation skill
  9. Patient, communicative, and good interpersonal skills
  10. Good analytical skill
  11. Good observational skill
  12. Computer literate
  13. English fluency

Tanggal ditayangkan: 06 January 2020, ditutup tanggal 05 February 2020

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hr organization development specialist

Jl Ciputat Raya No. 99 Pondok Pinang - Jakarta Selatan

Min 2 tahun (Supervisor/Koordinator)

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PT Repex Wahana

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