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Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Mengantar dokumen dan barang-barang elektronik


  •     Paham area Balikpapan
  •     Jujur, komunikatif
  •     Memiliki Loyalitas tinggi
  •     Sehat Jasmani & Rohani

Tanggal ditayangkan: 30 July 2021, ditutup tanggal 14 August 2021

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Informasi Lowongan

Bidang pekerjaan

head office - Prov. DKI-Jakarta dan2cabang lainnya branch office - SamarindaHO - Prov. DKI-Jakarta

branch office - Samarinda

HO - Prov. DKI-Jakarta

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Tentang Perusahaan

PT HRnet Rimbun Indonesia

RimbunJob Agency is a higly effective executive search company Indonesia dedicated to serving specialized recruitment of well-known, respected clients seeking top talent in a variety of industries and levels.

Established in 2007, As a Recruitment company Indonesia, RimbunJob Agency is equipped with an integrated IT System, experienced recruitment consultants, and proven searching method.

We maintain an extensive database of candidates and we invest heavily in this database to ensure that our client have access to the best candidates in the marketplace.

Furthermore, Our recruitment consultants have a team of dedicated researchers to network across the marketplace in order to identify the best candidates.

With a good track record of manager to upper executive level placements throughout Indonesia, we pride ourselves as the only Headhunter in Indonesia that is supported with an Integrated advanced IT system.

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