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Trucking Field Coordinator (Outsourced)


Deskripsi Pekerjaan

  • Kandidat harus memiliki setidaknya SMA, Diploma di bidang apapun.
  • Setidaknya memiliki 2 tahun pengalaman dalam bidang warehouse atau trucking.
  • Kemampuan yang harus dimiliki: driver management, trucking management.
  • Lebih disukai Pegawai (non-manajemen & non-supervisor) khusus dalam Logistik/Supply Chain atau setara.
  • Bersedia penempatan di daerah Pandaan / Tuban, Jawa Timur.
  • Bersedia kerja shift
Job Description:
  • Melakukan verifikasi truck sesuai standart perusahaan.
  • Mengawasi operasional truck dan driver di area kerja.
  • Memastikan kegiatan operasional area berjalan dengan baik.
  • Melakukan pelatihan mengenai sistem sedehana kepada driver.

Tanggal ditayangkan: 08 February 2020, ditutup tanggal 09 March 2020

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Informasi Lowongan

Bidang pekerjaan
trucking field coordinator

Lokasi - Pengiriman Barang via Online, South Petojo, Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

Min 2 tahun (Pegawai (non-manajemen & non-supervisor))

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Tentang Perusahaan

PT. Kargo Online System

Kargo is a start up company developing online platform for logistic business. The idea is to create a technology that enabling quick access between shippers and logistic service provider. Our platform will simplify shippers to manage their cargo which at the same time will help logistics service provider to overcome their utilization problems.
The aim of Kargo is providing the limitless access of information for customer and match customer needs to logistic provider.  Kargo will generate the optimum solution for customer utilizing operation inefficiencies such as idle operation or back route, which will resulted in more competitive price and wider range of logistics connection in Indonesia. Kargo has also developed an advance technology with fully automation process of transaction with real time data tracking that very convenient for both customers and logistic providers to utilize.
Within the next years, the vision of Kargo is to become technology solutions for logistics business that utilised across Indonesia and will resulted in assisting the nation to decrease its logistics cost.



Ukuran Perusahaan

1- 50 pekerja

Proses Lamaran

Lebih dari 2 minggu

Waktu Kerja

Senin-Jumat, Sabtu (Half-day)

Pakaian Kerja

Bisnis (contoh: Kemeja)


Kesehatan, Tunjangan Lainnya


Bahasa Indonesia

Mengapa memilih Kami?

As a startup company, growth is our core value. We believe a fast growth will have a significant impact to its employees in terms of skill development, professional network and compensation. In Kargo, we can assure a fast growth rate and employees will get those impacts in considerably short period of time.
We also offer a dynamic environment of work that enabling employee to explore more about their passions, which parallely can enjoy every single day of work.

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